Electrical Panel Upgrades, Installation, Repair & Replacement Services in York County, Chester County, and Lancaster County, SC

Electrical Panel Experts

Keep Your Home Safe

Faulty electric panels can pose safety and fire hazards. Please contact the professionals at Starnes Electric, LLC to ensure your panel is not outdated, poorly installed and/or poorly maintained.

When You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

When it comes to electrical panels, there are several signs that lets us know it’s time for an upgrade. The age of your panel is one of the most obvious signs. Older homes may still have 60 amp panels. Most modern electrical systems and appliances require a minimum of 200 amp panels to operate efficiently.

The following are some additional signs that it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade:
• Breakers trip frequently, indicating too many circuits attached
• Lights flicker when turning appliances on
• Your current panel shows signs of electrical fires
• An old fuse box is currently being used

If you’re dealing with one of these issues, you may need a panel upgrade. Contact Starnes Electric for an electrical panel consultation and inspection before your situation gets worse.

Electrical Panel Repair Services

At Starnes Electric, LLC we have several educated and skilled electricians who can handle all of your home electrical panel repairs and needs, including (but not limited to:

  • Electrical panel upgrades

  • Additional circuits

  • Breaker repair

  • New panel installation

  • Troubleshooting

Whether you need additional circuit breakers or if it’s time for a panel upgrade, our professionals can help.

Choosing the Right York County Electrician

Whenever you’re looking to upgrade or repair your electrical panels, you should always partner with a licensed electrician. Maintaining your electric panels properly is a great way to prevent home fires. Identifying when you need a panel upgrade is a key part of that maintenance.

Starnes Electric has a team of licensed, bonded, and insured electricians that provide top-notch service. Contact the team at Starnes Electric to receive additional information on our electrical panel upgrade services or to schedule an inspection.